Adobe Photoshop CC Essentials: Udemy Course

By | August 5, 2019



Adobe Photoshop CC Essentials


  Adobe Photoshop CC Essentials  you will learn from this…………..

  • How to use Home Screen
  • How to create new files
  • How to use and setup photoshop interface
  • (there are several ways to do ) how to open images
  • How to work with multiple files are open at once
  • How to save and export files.

3 most requested thinks that begginers want learn we have that  we have provided on  Adobe Photoshop CC Essentials

  • How to make your image “POP”
  • How to retouch your photo in photoshop
  • How to re-size your image for social media

                                                                       Link: Adobe Photoshop CC Essentials Course

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