ARE KEYWORDS STILL RELEVANT IN SEO : One Question You Don’t Want To Ask Anymore

By | February 1, 2019

What Is Keyword Reseach?

Keyword Research is one of the core section of (SEO) that reach your post to people when they search in Search Engine with relevant keyword. Keywords reach your post and drive more traffic in your Website. Without SEO friendly website cannot reach ranks on the search engine. And Seo is mainly based on keywords. To get the best keywords we have to do research. Keyword research gives us knowledge of how high demand is for certain keywords in the search engine. Popular keywords researching isn’t a big part of SEO. Keywords are a word which describes your post or content

Easy Steps to do Keyword Research

  • Keywords people Searching For
  • Competitors Keywords which is Ranking
  • Check Keywords Difficulty
  • Find Long Tail and LSI Keywords
  • Find Content Related Keywords

Keywords People Searching For

All of us search anything in Search Engines but if we want to about SEO what we will search in search engines we will search “how to do SEO” then we will get the related post about SEO. we got that article because on those post anywhere SEO keyword or how to do SEO keyword is placed. So we have to use those keywords which people search in Search Engine.just go to Google and search keywords related to your post. Google will give you some suggestion keywords Because people searching for this topic on Google. We can take those keywords if Google doesn’t suggest any keywords then jump into the second step

Competitors Keywords Which Is Ranking

We are Organic keyword Researcher so we have to search how are the Competitors are Ranking. For that, we have many tools which will help us to find out those keywords Google Keyword Planner and SemRush both are the best tools to find competitors ranking keywords. You have to collect only those keywords which are relevant to your post, not those which have most high traffic but not related to your post or content.

Check Keywords Difficulty

In the last step, we got our needed keywords which are our content related now we have to check those keywords difficulty. We can use SemRush to check keywords difficulty.T he keyword difficulty is a major metric when we do keyword research. Seo Difficulty is calculated on

  • Page Authority(PA)
  • Domain Authority(DA)
  • Back Links

And as an organic keywords researcher, we have to check it by some steps. In this situation, there is a Chrome Extension which helps us to do this easily. Named Moz Bar

Find Long Tail and LSI Keywords

Long Tail Keyword

LongTail Keyword is a phrase which contains three or four provide both short and long term benefits. Long Tail Keywords are longer and more specific and when a user searches to voice closer point of keyword search engine show your post on Serp . Along Tail keyword is valuable for businesses to rank content on a search engine. Better to use low competition keywords to Rank Faster.

Lsi Keyword

Lsi keyword mean latent Semantic indexing this is used to search related keywords or synonyms.when we search anything on google it gives us some suggested result this is basically called LSI keyword. Which help you to rank on a search for relevant keywords and synonyms keyword.

Content Related Keywords

Many people when getting tools to research keywords they do this wrong they used high competitor and Others content keywords to rank in google. Google can read your post and also can see that you are using wrong keywords for your content which is not related to your content. So that we have been careful about using keywords that are related to my content which easily can focus my content.



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