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By | July 30, 2019

creative gifts for best friend

History Of Friendship Day

Friendship day celebrated on different dates in different countries. It was first proposed in1958 in Paraguay as the “International Friendship Day” by the World Friendship Crusade. On 27 April 2011, the General Assembly Of United Nations declared 30 July as International Friendship Day. However, some countries including Bangladesh, India Celebrate Friendship Day on the first Sunday Of August.

Friendship Day On World Wide

Country Date
Argentina 20 July
Bangladesh First Sunday Of August
Bolivia 23 July
Brazil20 July
Ecuador 14 July
ColombiaSecond Saturday Of March
Estonia 14 July
Finland14 July
India First Sunday Of August
Malaysia First Sunday Of August
Mexico 14 July
Pakistan19 July
Spain20 July
Uruguay20 July
United States 15 February
Venezuela 14 July

On that day young stars exchange greetings card /text messages and tying band on hand. Now the day has changed and young start changed there a way of friendship day Celebration.

6 Best Way to Celebrate Friendship Day

Plan a trip into nature’s lap

In Friendship day the best way to spend some time with these precious people in your life to plan a beautiful trip to nature’s lap. Make your friendship day memorable.

Movie night out

It’s a great plan to make a movie night out for this purpose call your all friend and spend amazing times on movie intermission and after completing late-night movie show drop everyone home…it will be a memorable friendship day for you.

Late-night Chit chat

Now its a day of social interaction, we can spend times to social media by chatting and scrolling, So for the Friendship day, we can create a personal group so that we can communicate everybody in one group and share greetings and text each other and it will remember the day’s you have left on.

Throw a Party

You can throw a party on Friendship day so that everyone can enjoy the best moment in that party. you can play games as you have played at childhood. This party will recap your memories and makes your friendship deeper.

Make a DIY friendship Day Card

You can give your friend  Greetings Card on Friendship day. If you make the card then it will be a Plesant gift your friend.

Prepare a Friendship day Video

You can make a short video with friend’s old images, and also you can write quotes and make slides video for your which you can share online through social media.

Creative gifts for best friend

Friendship Day Card

This will be the best gift for your friends to make cards for your friend and write into them some heart-touching message and attach some lovely images that will make your friends too much happy. In this friendship day makes cards and give it your friends.

Dosti  Book

On this friendship day, you can make a “Dosti Book” and give it to your friends. A best friend always deserves the best wishes and gifts because they the most important portion of our life. A Dosti book with images and messages will be an overwhelming surprise gift for your friends.

Personalized Image Calendar

This is an expressive and surprising gift for your friends. Personalized image calendar is the vogue nowadays.



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