How to make money digitally

By | January 25, 2019


Lifestyle getting updated day by day, our needs and community systems also getting up to date, our earning ways also updated people now don’t want to work for a fixed time everyday now people want to earn freedomly. People Want to save time. A man who only work hard daily but he earn a limited amount of money and other side another man who work hard but smartly he earn more then the previous person . And if you want to earn smartly And want to save more time and to be self employed this post for you

How to make money digitally

Some certain number of ways by which anyone can earn money through digital way such as:

  • SEO
  • Website designing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Blogging


Seo(Search Engine Optimization

Seo means (Search Engine Optimization) it is the process how a webpage get more traffic in organic way and naturally and comes to first page of google or other search engines basically maximum seo expert do it for google because every one we search anything in google. And some company paid freelancer’s to rank their webpage on search engine’s so being a seo expert you can earn from any outsourcing market place or you can do seo of your own webpage to get traffic and earn money.

Website Desinging:

website Designing is the second best skill to earn smartly and digitally by online , there are lots of companies those who don’t have a personal webpage you have can develop there webpage and also can work in online market place as like fiver , upwork and freelancer.


Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is basically to promote others people product offen through affiliate network.its based on revenue sharing. Imagine you have a product now you want to sell more then what you have to do? you have to advertise your product and people have know properly about your product so some of us took those affiliate programs and make a review of that product and post in his/her blog and social media .those who impress with that marketing they buy that product and we got a commision from them.

Mobile Marketing:

mobile marketing is the way of marketing of any business which is only appeal to mobile users. Marketing is now based on interconnection community and mobile the best device which every person have .Now supose i have to do marketing of product then i will oviously choose the sector where will i get more customers and mobile marketing also a same process . simple ways to start mobile marketing.

  • Set up a resposnsive website for Mobile Devices
  • provide your business on location based platform
  • Run a mobile ad campain
  • Scan a QR Code

Email Marketing:

Basically emails are use in email marketing to promote product/services.Email marketing actually used to develop relationships with potential customers/ marketing is also a best segment of Digital Earning system and also of internet .which means online marketing provide service via website, blogs.most of the spam mail we got that’s are products review and offers to buy that product.This is the best way to inform potential customers/clients of new products and discount


From the Above categories one of the most easiest is Blogging, It save ours time and also a profitable profession in 2019.few years back blogging was just an hobby,but now its a digital profession to make more money . But now the Question is how to do and what to do.And Some common questions come from the mind of all the new bloggers ,that is

  • Can I make money from Blogging?
  • Various Way to earn money from Blogging?
  • what should i write to make money from blogging?

Making Money From Blogging

There are certain number of best ad network and Methods which will monetize your blogs. You can apply the methods that i have given bellow, which matches with your style

Making Money From Blogging
  • Adnetworks
  1. Google Adsence
  • Paid Reviews
  • Affiliate Marketing

Ad networks :

Ad networks are simple and most used method to monetize blog. you have to apply for there approval then they will show ads automatically based on content.

Google Adsense:

Google Adsense is the best ad network which recommended for every bloggers. Ad sense Pays well and Offers quality ad. Adsense provide contextual ad and first you have to signup to adsense.Then they will give you ad code paste it to your blog.But getting adsense aprroval is quite hard from other ad networks. Adsense prefers quality blogs and Content Guide lines and everyone should follow that. Adsense don’t aprrove Warez,Adult and Hacking Niche. is the second contextual ad network and easy to implementation once anyone have got the approval and get the code just paste in your blog.

Paid Reviews

Paid reviews are best way to increase your monthly Income. From a small review you can make $10-$30 easily. there are many paid reviews site just choose a one you like.

Affiliate Marketing

One of the best way of earning from blogging is affiliate marketing . you can make money from since a single sale and after that clicks on contextual ads.but most of the we have to face a problem we don’t affiliate program which align our niche

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