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What you are going to know after reading this post.

  • What is SSL Certificate
  • Types Of SSL Certificate
  • When SSL Certificate is used
  • Where Do we can buy an SSL Certificate
  • Difference Between Free and Paid SSL Certificate
  • How to Implement Free SSL Certificate on HostGator and Namecheap
  • SSL Certificate is Tested on NameCheap Hosting
SSL Certificate Adventure


SSL(Secure Socket Layer) it creates a secure link between users browsers and website.SSL also a backbone of the internet and it protects our sensitive information. The primary reason of using SSL is to encrypt sensitive information as like credit card information etc. SSL certificate provides authentication that a user can be sure he/she sending information to a right sever and there is no way to be afraid of any imposter being able to steal your data

Types Of SSL Certificate

There are 3 types of SSL Certificate Divided into Validation

  • Domain Validation Certificate.
  • Organization Validation Certificate.
  • Extended Validation Certificate.

When an SSL certificate is used

  • Increase Google Ranking
  • improve conversion rate
  • Keep data secure between website to servers

Where do we can Buy An SSL Certificate?

we have to buy an SSL Certificates which is issued from trusted Certificate Authority, which also have to maintain a list of trusted CA root certificates.if the certificate is not trusted it will show error message end user. In E-commerce site showing error message is a risk to losing customers and business confidence. Global Sign is known as trusted Certificate Authorities. Since from 1996 in Europe and remains one of the longest-running Certificate Authorities in the region. GlobalSign is a legitimate Certificate Authority

Difference Between Paid Vs Free SSL Certificate


If you buy an SSL Certificate then you are going to get liabilities protection. If you have an E-Commerce site then you have to just buy an SSL Certificate.
Extended Validation SSL take website security a step further with a rigorous vetting process and shows a padlock before the  domain name. Note: if have an ability then buy a trusted SSL certificate but if have E-Commerce you must have to purchase an SSL Certificate. Organization Validation SSL validates the organization behind the website.


Free SSL Certificate is used in basically for Blogs, Niche Sites because there will don’t occur any kind of payment transaction. For the bloggers its big savings because generally, a cheap SSL Certificate price is $10.There are many free SSL Certificates popping up across the internet. they’re convenient

How to Implement free SSL Certificate on Hostgator & NameCheap

free ssl

Free SSL For NameCheap & Host Gator

Step1: You have to Add your Website In CloudFlare :

From this Website, you can use free and paid both SSL Certificate. For Bloggers Free version is Solid enough to protect Blog from Hackers. First, create an account in CloudFlare

Step2: You have to Configure CloudFlare SSL Feature:

Go to Crypto from Site Dashboard and choose the flexible option to follow the upper picture

Scroll Down and Enable the Always Use HTTPS

Scroll down and Enable Automatic HTTPS Rewrites     

our half job is done now we have to replace to

Step3: Install Better And Replace Plugin in WordPress

Better Search And Replace by using this plugin we have to change our old link to new links Sometime it might have to update WordPress Database Table. But I don’t need to do update DB table

For Example, in my case

Then in the first run click the Run As Dry then run it and DB table will be updated and second time unchecks Run As Dry and then run again. lastly once again run with Run As Dry checked. And Finally, our job is done now we have to Verify our SSL Configuration

Step 4: Verify SSL Configuration

Go to SSL Checker and check the validation and Expiry date the page will scan your site for few second and will give a free report

Step5: Update Site URL on Google Search Console GA

  • Submit new sitemap link to GSC
  • Add https version of your website to Google search console
  • Update your site URL in Google Analytics

You can configure this Free SSL on WordPress and Non-WordPress Sites also but don’t use in any type of transaction website. I hope this will help you to implement free SSL. In case you have any question or any confusion please or any relevant question comment section below.



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