Why Our Comment Don’t Get Approved?

By | February 15, 2019


Blogging is an art.  Blogging market growing up day by day. now it’s tough to drive traffic own blog because there are many bloggers which are my competitors or me for those. So in this competitive digital space, it’s tough to get ranking in search engine, So the newbie bloggers adopt a technique to get visibility and backlinks from high Page Ranks blog through doing comment.B ut we thought that I have done comment now my backlinks going to increase its a completely Misconception. Today I will tell you the secret how to do blog comment properly. Blog commenting is the best way to increase more traffic and get some link juice. Valuable comment grabs more attention.M ore attention means more traffic. So if you want your comment get approved so let’s follow the instruction below

  • Using Keywords Of Name field
  • Keep the comment simple and short.
  • Comments with Anchor Text or link
  • Comments without a Gravatar
  • Write Relevant Comments

Using Keywords Of Name Field:

The name field is only for your name. Your name is not like post keywords. So don’t use “SEO” “blogging ” etc. The name field is for your name so write your name.if blog owner sees that your name as a keyword then s/he might going to read your comment. using the keyword in the name field is the first sign of spam. So no matter how much valuable comment you write if you write a keyword or blog name on your name field.

Keep the comment simple and short:

Often, we write our comments in complex sentences and vocabulary. It must have to mean that a blog is a personal anecdote. A comment should provide valuable information about the blog and have to very simple to represent the entire blog. So many of us write a comment as “Great post Thanks for sharing”everyone likes compliments but they delete it because they know that you are putting these type of comment only for the links, so try to write some better and attentive to blog owner that he must to approve your comment.

Comments with Anchor Text or link:

Don’t use anchor text and links on comments for this reason your valuable comment might get deleted. Mostly maximum blog owner don’t like anchor text and links. But if you have a good connection with blog owner then you could get approved. But don’t make it a habit and Never use anchor text and links on the comment section.

Comments Without a Gravatar:

Most of the blogger delete comments without a gravatar. Gravatar that shows your picture on blog comments. Unfortunately, if your comment goes to spam folder then its quite tough to get approved your comments. But if you have a gravatar then blog owner surely notice your comments then approve your comment. Most of the owner look at a glance before deleting the spam. So today create your gravatar and avoid getting spam.

Write Relevant Comments:

Before writing the message you have to be very clear about information and logic you are going to give.you have to must ensure that you have some valuable insight to contribute to a blog discussion. Ex: If you read my this post and then you have given a comment that bro your about section too good your posts are too helpful. Then, I will delete your post because you don’t know and you haven’t read this post and given a comment so that you could get a link. So don’t do that , first read the post if the post is relevant to your post then write something valuable and then give your blog link.

Your Turn:

This is not wrong to disagree with someone but don’t fighting in the comment section. There many bloggers who are doing blogging for the last 8 years so if I have done anything wrong they will do correction so I feel happy about that. So don’t be rude, if you don’t like s/he suggestions so give a strong logic so he could repeat something. And Mostly it is essential that before posting a comment, check your spellings and grammar on your comment section. And lastly if you can avoid making any above mistake then every blog owner will approve your comments and you can create a strong backlink.  Do comment us to if you have any problem in this post.


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